You Can Now Get Found by Recruiters & Employers, Engage With Other Professionals on Ngcareers

Hello everyone, we have been working over the past few months to launch the Ngcareers 2.0 and we are glad to announce it’s now live.

What exactly is Ngcareers 2.0?

With the new Ngcareers platform we have created a more effective career community. Ngcareers is no longer just ajob search website; it’s now a career community site where job seekers and working individuals can discover training programs and job opportunities based on interest, engage with more experienced individuals in the various professional communities and of course host their online resume to be found by recruiters and employers who search for suitable candidates on Ngcareers.

With the new Ngcareers you can also easily search for reviews on companies in Nigeria. If for instance you wish to know what it is like to work in MTN Nigeria you can find useful anonymous reviews submitted by either current or former employees of the company.

A breakdown of what You Find in the New Ngcareers

Job Search Made Easy

Do you ever keep searching randomly for jobs and most times you get jobs you don’t like? With Ngcareers as soon as you sign up you select one or two sectors or specialisations where you need jobs on. As soon as you set up your free job alerts on Ngcareers you will start receiving daily emails on any new job in line with your areas of interest.

If you get on Ngcareers to search for jobs you can be sure that our job search engine now has improved functionalities. You can narrow your search to specific keywords or job titles and filter based on location. Eg ‘customer service jobs’ in Lagos or ‘project engineer’

Find Reliable Training Courses and Programs

If you have always been looking to improve your skills with the right training programs Ngcareers has now launched its training course listing where we list hundreds of useful and verified training programs and events from reliable professional training organisations. From Oil and Gas to Engineering to IT/Software trainings and Customer Service trainings you can search our database of current training programs and register to update your skills.

Join Professional Communities

If you are a customer service professional for example and have been looking out for an online group of other individuals working in the various capacities and with the same interests in developing their career as you Ngcareers is now the place to be.

Communities on Ngcareers are based on specialisations and areas of professional interest. Major communities with thousands of members include; Administration/Office/Operations, Advertising/Public Relations, Agriculture/Agro Allied, Banking/Finance/Accounting, Teaching/Educational/Research, IT/Software,Medical/HealthSecurity/Intelligence, Transport/Logistics/Supply and many more.

This is the first career focused online community/forum in Nigeria. Members who use Ngcareers to keep updated on their career interests can ask questions, post useful information and engage with others real time.

Company Reviews

Getting useful career information about what it is like to work in any company in Nigeria is very difficult. Now Ngcareers makes it easy to find anonymous information shared by others who have worked or are working in a particular company.

If you are interested in what the work the work culture, conducive environment and pay is like for any registered company or organisation in Nigeria simply check out company reviews in Nigeria. The reviews are submitted anonymously meaning that nobody can trace them to the user who submitted them. We do this to protect the users and employees who submit these reviews. If you are already working in an organisation you can submit your anonymous reviews about your company to help thousands of others take the best decision for their career.

Here is an example of a review of MTN Nigeria by a former employee who worked as a Business Analyst with MTN Nigeria

Now the Real Bomb for Jobseekers on Ngcareers

Getting a job has been gradually shifting from searching for jobs to being searched. Many employers we work with on Ngcareers now prefer, instead of posting their jobs for people to apply, to search for suitable candidates who have the qualifications they need and contact those candidates.

Since many of these recruiters and employers no longer want to deal with numerous applications they are going the way of searching and contacting candidates. And therefore we have opened our resume database to employers. So how do you get your resume in front of employers to earn yourself an interview.


Get your complete professional resume/CV on Ngcareers. Create a free Ngcareers account and take a few minutes to create your professional resume using our easy to use resume builder. After that your resume will appear in relevant searches by recruiters and employers.

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